Patient Testimonials

My experience as an adult patient at Brady Orthodontics was a blessing from beginning to end. Getting braces in your late 50's is a real adventure! The entire staff, Dr. Brady and Dr. Harvey were always friendly and very good at their jobs. Big plus: I love my smile and my bite is corrected.

- Rose D.

Invisalign Appliances

After undergoing the Invisalign procedure with Brady Orthodontics I had noticed two things that had changed in my life.

The first one is that in a compare and contrast aspect I appear to be smiling more in recent photographs as opposed to pictures that were taken prior to my Invisalign appliances. The second observation I had taken note of is, that the people I was just introduced to seemed to be more interested in what I have to say and take measures to extent the dialogue as opposed to making efforts to cut the conversation short.

This is not to say that people had "intentionally" stereotyped me by the appearance of my misaligned teeth. Rather, people at this moment are not distracted by my crooked teeth and focus more on the wonderful person I am and for that I am ever thankful that I made the decision to "invest" in a brighter smile, which unknowingly and ultimately brought me a brighter and happier future.

One final observation was made aside of the fantastic results of my Invisalign appliances. I had noticed that most of the kind, courteous, and respectful staff were by the most part the very same people that were working there at the start of my Invisalign. That is a clear sign that the staff is treated well and finds Brady Orthodontics a great place to work, which resonates in their demeanor and compassionate care that I not only witnessed but received as well.

- Brian McLaughlin

"Brady Orthodontics is wonderful. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The process from consultation to completion of my Invisalign treatment was seamless and my results were phenomenal. Thank you Dr. Brady and team!"


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"This experience has been amazing. It's incredible how much my smile has changed. Dr. Brady and his staff really took care of me. They are very professional and I really enjoy coming into his office. I also appreciate how Dr. Brady is really trying to give me that perfect smile I never had before. Thank you very much Dr. Brady."

- Richard L.

"Dr. Brady has done an excellent job with my son's braces. So far two of my sons have had their braces with Dr. Brady. I have one more son to go and he will definitely be coming to Dr. Brady. The staff and service were excellent and always helpful. My kids were tough on braces and Dr. Brady always was available for unplanned visits."

- Steven Z.

"My experience with Dr. Brady has been nothing but positive. My kids love coming here and collecting nickels. They love attending the Halloween party. I love the staff which is always so polite and helpful. All their teeth look great! The best part was having several kids in braces and when my husband lost his job, they let us extend our payment so we could afford continuing treatment."

"All three of my children came to Dr. Brady for braces. I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Brady and his staff did a fabulous job. I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Brady and his staff for the exceptional care they provided to my children. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Dr. Brady and his staff are the best!"

"We have had a wonderful experience at Brady Orthodontics — from the friendly and accommodating staff to the expert orthodontic care. We highly recommend Brady Orthodontics."

"Dr. Brady and the entire staff are so friendly and take the time to answer questions and explain what was done and what comes next. Emergency appointments were easily scheduled, which was a huge relief at the time. My son and my daughter both have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Brady and his team!"

"The entire staff were professional and attentive throughout my son's program of treatment. I am very happy with the level of service they provided, and would recommend this office to anyone I know who is considering orthodontics for their kids."

"Our experience with Dr. Brady Orthodontics has been fabulous. He came highly recommended, and we have not been disappointed! My son's teeth look straight and wonderful… and far better than other children's teeth who worked with other local orthodontics. Thank You!"

"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Brady Orthodontics, and the experience has been fantastic. The results are beautiful and we are all pleased, so pleased with the professionalism of the staff. I would recommend any child or adult to Dr. Brady Orthodontics."

Good Morning. I wish to express my many thanks for Dr. Brady and his exceptional staff of assistants, administrators, and receptionists. I really can't express the sentiments of pure satisfaction with all the staff. The warm smiles, the expedient responses to my concerns whether it was a broken sleeve, new appointment, or requests for wax, your staff was on point to meet the need. I have received so many compliments on the "grill" and can't stop smiling now. Once again, thanks for all your efforts in restoring my smile. God bless.

Steve Perry

"My 8 year old daughter marks her calendar in anticipation of her appointments at Dr. Brady's office! The kindness that she receives from both the loving staff and doctor is heartwarming for a mother to see."

"Dr. Brady and his staff are more than exceptional in both service and quality of care. It is almost an unusual feeling to look forward to going to a dentist‘s office!"

"When an 8 year-old rushes to make her dental appointments, you know they‘re doing something right!"

Christine Guth & the Guth Family

I am writing to tell you that I am happy with how well my treatment is going. I was scared at first about getting my braces put on, but you and your staff made what could have been a scary experience as comfortable and easy as possible.

Thank you for all of the comforts and help you and your staff provided. I look forward to my next visit.

Sara McMillan

Dr. Brady's office staff reflects his kind, positive nature. Both patients and their parents are made welcome from their first visit to post treatment check-ups. As both an ex-patient and the parent of teenager currently undergoing treatment, I would recommend Dr. Brady as your orthodontist without hesitation.

Chris Lovell

Dr. Brady, I would like to extend a very special thanks to you and your Staff for the treatment I received while in your care. As an adult, the decision to go forward with braces was a difficult one, and the decision of where to have them done was critical. Luckily, two of my children had there orthodontic care through your office and their results were remarkable. The proof is in their smile and that made the decision of where to go an easy one for me. I had a great deal of confidence in your ability and you exceeded my expectations.

My experience with Brady Orthodontics was always a positive one and I believe that courtesy, superior care and satisfying the needs of the patient are inherent core values in your practice. Whether interacting with the front desk or the technical team, your Staff gave me personalized attention and demonstrated true concern for my well-being.

Now that my braces are off and I see the outstanding results we achieved, I am able to say without a doubt that it was so worth the commitment.

Over the course of my treatment, I interacted with a number of technicians and office personnel. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all of them for the quality care I received.

Dr. Brady, thank you again for affording me the benefit of your expertise. Now, the proof is in my smile as well, and I am beaming!!

Sincerely, JR

Sincerely, Gail